European Insurance Solutions at Malta


Malta has become an appealing jurisdiction to establish captive insurance companies for a number of reasons. The main reason why EIS PCC Ltd. is established in Malta is that it is the only EU jurisdiction that enables the PCC structure. The main benefit of the PCC is that a cell can use the core capital and therefore does not need to have its own Minimum Guarantee Fund. This is advantageous to those who wish to insure their own company but whose business might not justify the setting up of an individual insurance company from a capital point of view. The PCC needs to satisfy the Minimum Capital Requirements under the Insurance Business Act. The core does not need to take on any insurance risk itself, but must be solvent at all times based on the business written by the whole (i.e. including all cells).

More about Malta

Capital City Valletta
Official language(s) Maltese, English
Government Parliamentary Republic
Political system: Democratic
Independence: 21 September 1964
Republic: 13 December 1974
EU accession: 1 May 2004
Area 316 km2
Population: 2013 Estimate – 421 346
GDP (PPP): Total – $11 030 billion
Per capita – $25 875
Currency: Euro (€)
Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
Drives on the: Left
Airport: Malta International Airport, Luqa
International dialing code: +356
Legal system: Civil legal system. Company Law & Commercial Law based on UK statutes. General Property Law based on a Civil Code.
Expertise: Financial services, maritime services & ship registration and hedge funds.